i am a




with a sincere whimsical streak.

Originally from the second largest city in Iowa (I know nothing about farming) with a decade-sized chunk of time spent bopping between Oregon and Minneapolis, in 2022 I finally made 16 year-old me proud and moved to Brooklyn, NY.

After the pandemic changed our lives (and cancelled a lot of weddings) I spent a few years in the corporate world as an in-house food photographer for a grocery box startup. I’ve since realized I’m not much of a corporate girlie (the benefits were very nice but the whole corporate thing isn’t for me) and have returned to documenting real people.

Last I checked I’m an INFPEnneagram 4, and Capricorn, making me quite the semi-pragmatic daydreamer: I can be both as unnecessarily prepared as a Boy Scout and hella laid back, which uniquely prepares me for the ebb and flow of a wedding day.

“An angel with a camera; Caitlin is a dream. From the time she arrived to the beginning moments of our wedding, right away she was comfortable with everyone. She brings an ease which allows people to be calm and we honestly forgot she was there, snapping away. There were many moments where she would check in and make sure everyone was good, the energy was so sweet. The work Caitlin does captures the warmth and light of a love event. We will treasure the photos forever. Highly, highly recommend her!”

– generous words from nicki, a former bride

these are a few of

my favorite things:

all of the dogs + cats but especially my Miso + Tuna; anything yellow or orange; my nephew Graysen (and his very best boy, Archer); an aperol spritz or the sparkling cold brew lemonade from Whistle + Fizz; Albanese Sour Bears; The Cookies; propagating too many house plants; daydreaming about interiors; Poor Things or About Time; any podcast with Joanna Robinson; Andrew Bird and HAIM; mindlessly crocheting to unwind.

the nitty gritty details

I spent maaany afternoons as a kid digging through boxes of photos and slide film that my grandpa created of my mom’s childhood, listening intently as he and my grandma would reminisce. Hours disappeared as I clicked through slides of family picnics and weekends at the cabin that he crafted from film to projection in his basement darkroom. 

He introduced me to documentary photography and how it made me feel: as if I’d been there, witnessing the life of those I love. I like to think he passed along his passion to me and I’m living out both of our dreams. 

In 2011 I took a few film classes to learn the history of and science behind creating an image. I spent evenings and weekends photographing musicians at gigs in dark bars throughout the midwest with my original photography dreams living within the pages of Rolling Stone, and quit school when weddings came knocking. 

My first wedding was in July 2012, the groom was a musician friend who I very randomly met at a festival in Illinois. Aware of the hiiigh pressure of a wedding day and worried of failure, I repeatedly refused (like, at least 3 times) the offer to fly to the beautiful hills of western New York to photograph his bohemian, barefoot, lakeside ceremony. (Modern day Me to 2012 Me: Dream wedding! Say yes, you fool!) 

After some friendly badgering, he was able to convince me that the wedding would be a lot of fun (it was – they skydived into the reception!) and easy (plot twist below), so I said yes and am grateful every. single. day. that I did. 

Plot twist: After flying in very late the night before (I now no longer arrive less than 24 hours before the ceremony time) I woke up the next day with a 102° fever but, in a pre-Covid world, photographed everything anyway.

I lean into a documentary and candid photography style with light + natural direction sprinkled in throughout the day when needed (specifically during family photos + a liiiittle bit during portraits of you and your partner). I prefer to melt into the background and tell the real-life story of this day you two celebrated becoming a family; no gimmicky cookie cutter poses or creating moments that didn’t occur organically, allowing you and your favorite people to be the focus. 

If you’re looking for a tour guide-type photographer to dictate and direct every little pose, working from a lengthy and meticulous shot list of moments you want replicated, and spending more than an hour on dozens of formal group photos, I’m not it. And that’s okay! It’s important to me that you work with a photographer you feel connected to, because these photos are what you’ll look back on once all of the memories have faded and become a little soft around the edges.

My favorite weddings are the ones where I feel like an old friend at the end of the day; exhausted from laughing with your sister, making silly faces across the dance floor at your nephew, and crafting inside jokes with your mom during family photos. 

I love feeling like a trusted friend who just so happened to drag a couple of cameras to your wedding. I’ll do my thing with the lenses and the light, you do your thing and fully experience this day with your family and friends. 

I love so many parts of the day for so many reasons: the way your mom’s nose starts to wrinkle as she’s caught off guard by the feels, seeing the little details you’ve chosen to decorate yourself with, the moment right after you kiss during the ceremony and realize, “OH SHIT WE DID IT!” 

But my absoluuuute favorite part of the day, once all of the schedules have fallen aside and the formality of the day starts to fade, is when everyone starts to party. The nervous energy has morphed into pure celebration — often aided by alcohol — and connections are pinging across the room. Your high school friend and cousin realize they were in the same kindergarten class, your dad sees his brother for the first time in months, and your best man is spinning your aunt in circles on the dance floor while you and your siblings take a shot at the bar. 

This day, which is so often considered a big formal event and took so many hours of prep and planning, has come to life and is suddenly a once-in-a-lifetime party with all of your favorite people. They’re all here for you, and your love, and to celebrate this new chapter in your lives. 

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but caitlin, why youuu?

There are countless talented photographers out there — I’m equally intimidated and inspired by them on a daily basis — so I’m incredibly honored that you’ve made your way to my lil website. But what makes me so special?

knowledge is power!

I’ve been photographing weddings since 2012 and have picked up lots of tips + tricks along the way, some of which you can find here! Anytime you have a question or curiosity or concern during the planning process, I’m more than happy to help.

empathy is key!

Being professionally photographed can be a weirdly intimate thing, so my main goal is to make sure you’re comfortable, having fun, and actually experiencing this very real day in your life while I photograph whatevertheheck happens—the good, the weird, and the wonderful.

a boy scout is always prepared!

Thanks to anxiety, I roll up to your wedding fully equipped with professional gear, backups on backups on backups (I once brought 23 batteries to a 10 hour wedding which tbh is too many), a Polaroid or disposable film camera (or two), and a fanny pack full of safety pins, hair ties, fashion tape, and a Tide pen.

(I’m having flashbacks to the 4th grade musical, a royalty-free mimicry of Annie, in which I chirped in my little kid voice to dozens of parents, “I’ve gotta million dollar smile and my dimples stretch a miiile! With my blue eeeeyes, I win the priiiize, chooooose meeee!”)