Thank you for being here.

There are countless photographers out there—I'm equally intimidated and inspired by them on a daily basis—so I'm incredibly honored that you've made your way to my website and are spending a little time learning more about me. If you believe in honesty, appreciate nostalgia, and try to treat everyone with a little bitta extra kindness, I think we'll be a great match.

Generous and heartfelt words from a 2020 bride:

I wish I could properly explain what exactly I love about weddings.

Maybe it's the fact that there's so much emotion bubbling up all day; so many big and little events to be witnessed, memories being shared between generations and friends and lovers. I love being a fly on the wall and yet, at the same time, being in the middle of so many profound moments for you and your people.

My favorite weddings are those in which I feel like an old friend at the end of the day; exhausted from laughing with your siblings, in a corner exchanging instagram handles with your best friend, and crafting inside jokes with your mom during family photos.

Color, my cats Miso and Tuna, bending the rules, all dogs, gin & tonics, running around barefoot on a summer day, the wonder of travel & comfort of returning to my own bed, black coffee with maple syrup, dreaming up elaborate dinner plans at 10am, and dancing at funk + soul night at the Goodfoot.

Black Lives matter AND TRANS LIVES MATTER and love is love is love is love.

these things are not up for debate.


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