I would love to photograph you with the one you love the most
        To learn more about the services I offer fill out the form below with details about you, your partner, and your wedding day.

        I do my best to respond within 24 hours, but feel free to reach out to hello [at] caitlacoop [dot] com if you'd like to ensure I've received your message or for non-wedding inquiries. If emailing me directly, please don't forget to include as many details as possible.


        For more info regarding the services I offer, please fill out the contact form. Each package includes your professionally edited images in a digital gallery, assistance with schedule planning, Polaroids for you to keep (!!!), and a complimentary pre- or post-wedding portrait session.

        ››› If you’re especially drawn to my work but my rates are a little outside of your budget, please still reach out! We could likely figure out a way to make it work. ‹‹‹



        For smaller gatherings (under ~50) that include only your nearest and absolute dearest in attendance.



        Just me and my cameras (and lenses, of course) along for your full wedding day - recommended for guest lists under 125 and where all events take place at one location.



        One of my trusted second photographers will join me on your full wedding day to help capture the important moments. Bonus: you receive many more photos than those days in which I photograph your wedding solo.


        How long have you been photographing weddings?
        My first wedding was a musician friend's in the summer of 2012; he asked me three times if I would photograph the wedding and each time I turned him down out of fear that I would fail. Luckily for me, he was pretty persistent.
        What's your ethos on editing?
        I approach editing the same way I do photography: I want it to be a realistic representation of what the day looked like, rather than an overly stylized or trendy version of what I think it should be. I've been in the game long enough to have seen several editing styles come and go, so I try to keep mine as true to life as possible.
        Did you go to school for photography?
        After a rough breakup in 2009 I spent months reading blogs and watching Youtube to learn how to use my Canon Rebel and Photoshop. I was still pretty clueless about the science behind crafting an image, so in 2011 I enrolled in a few photography courses at my local community college and learned the things I was unable to understand on my own.
        Why should we have a second photographer?
        I'm more than capable of (and enjoy) photographing a wedding solo, but if the details are really important to you or your guest list exceeds 125, I'll encourage you to let me bring along one of my favorite second photographers to ensure all of those elements and people are well documented.

        love notes

        Lara + Dan
        Ally + Chris
        Britt + Ben
        Jordan + Matt
        Bre + Chris

        As I’ve been dreaming about that day and getting excited for photos, the ones I was most looking forward to seeing weren’t the ones of our first look or first kiss or first dance (though damn did you make us look good). Instead, the photos I was hoping to see were the ones that documented the energy of the day and showed the spirit of the people surrounding us. And Caitlin, I am overwhelmed by this gift you have given us.

        Just looked through them all...we are speechless and have tears in our eyes. Beautiful beyond words. Thank you for all of your hard work and energy you put into those captured moments in time. We will be looking at them 24/7 for the next few weeks.

        You have blown us away! We cannot thank you enough---you are a truly genuine gift to us! These pictures are far beyond anything we could have dreamed of having as a remembrance of our very favorite day. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thankyouthankyouthankyou... for the INCREDIBLE pictures and your friendship! Our hearts are FULL. xoxoxoxo

        It was such a good day for so many reasons. We treasure you and these photos SO much. I’m so thankful you were a part of our wedding day. We appreciate everything you did for us on our wedding day, before, and after!

        Caitlin is an absolute dream to work with! She came out to do our engagement portraits last year in NYC and she was game to do whatever to get the shot. I also love how relaxed she made me and my partner feel in front of the camera. Plus, the feedback from friends and family on the photos has been amazing-- everyone tells us how these are the best engagement pics they’ve ever seen. I also hired her for our wedding outside of Portland and I love every photo. Caitlin is the best photographer in the area, hands down.