It's a straaaaange time to be planning a wedding, but somebody's gonna do it!

        Life is weird right now, we all know this. But life is also short and the future isn't guaranteed, so I appreciate the idea of celebrating—safely!—in the midst of so much uncertainty.
        If you plan on moving ahead with a wedding this year or in 2021 then let's be sure to do it with caution and everyone's well-being in mind.

        Until there’s a widely available vaccine for COVID-19, I plan to take the following precautions:

        • hand sanny at all times
        • masking every time I leave the house
        • social distancing
        • abide with local guidelines (ex: if the state says gatherings of 10 or fewer, I will follow)
        • I will not book or schedule weddings or portrait sessions within 2 weeks of each other
        • testing prior to each wedding or portrait session 

        As with all things, communication is key and I encourage you to reach out as soon as you know your wedding plans may be changing. My goal is to be flexible like a yogi in all things and will move mountains to accommodate you as best as I can. I’m also more than happy to help you brainstorm alternative arrangements. 

        I’m definitely not a medical professional so please check with one before implementing the below ideas, but I’ve included a few of the precautions I’ve seen floating around in the wedding community this year, and encourage you to consider utilizing them if you’re planning on getting married in the age of corona.

        Lastly, I want to reiterate how the health and safety of you and your loved ones (and their friends and family) is, above all, the most important thing. Too many lives have been lost due to this illness and I know we’re all struggling and making huge sacrifices this year, but we will have to continue to do so until this is taken seriously and there’s a cure.