Life is weird right now, we all know this. But if we've learned anything this year it's that life is short and the future isn't guaranteed, so I appreciate the idea of celebrating—safely! and! responsibly!—in the midst of so much uncertainty.

find some ideas on how to have a safer wedding


You already know about masks, Zoom weddings, plentiful sanitizer stations, social distancing, and celebrating entirely out-of-doors, but what about asking all guests and vendors to have a negative COVID test 72 hours prior to attending your wedding? Consider it an admission ticket.

By asking (I initially wrote "requiring" but HIPAA might have something to say about that) all guests to test negative, this could allow the possibility—did I mention that I'm not a doctor? double check with one prior to this!—of loosening some of those other precautions and having a normal-ish wedding. Bonus points if you want to implement requiring two negative tests in the week leading up to the wedding, to help slim the chances of a false negative.

If I was getting married right now this is one step I would look into taking for the health and safety of my friends, family, and vendors, and community.

Or at least a smaller, safer version of the damn thing.

If you're tired of waiting (I feel you) you might want to consider opting for an elopement or micro wedding (typically <10 guests; still with negative COVID test results!) now or on your original wedding day and throw a larger party with all of your people once it's safe to do so. I’ve done lots of these and they always have a certain magic + intimate spark that can be lost in the sea of guests on a full wedding day.

If you want to go this route, we can create a custom package so both your elopement and later date are well documented. Find more details on my Elopement package below, and find details about my other wedding packages here.