Jaimie + Nate: A Family Vacation

Our theme is kind of like a big family vacation…

From the very start, their hearts were showing.

A few months after that initial email about their wedding, I drove to Duluth to meet up for Jaimie and Nate’s engagement session and it became even clearer. I felt as if we were all old friends reconnecting; our rapport was carefree and hilarious, inside jokes bubbled up with ease. I remember not wanting to drive home that night because an evening of laughing over beers with these two sounded better than going home. As the day went on, Jaimie and I bonded on the beach of Lake Superior while waiting for Nate to park the car. I can no longer recall what exactly we talked about, but I vividly remember feeling as though I was sitting with a best friend.

Warmth and friendliness appear to come easy for these two — everyone they meet is a new family member.

The cliche rings true: the world would be better if there were more Jaimies and Nates in it.

And this is, quite simply, just who they are. In their work as medical professionals and in their private lives, Jaimie and Nate open their hearts and pour love all over everyone they meet. These two understood what a rare gathering a wedding day was — all of your favorite people from separate families and multiple eras and worlds in the same room for one day only — and took full advantage of it. From their family vacation-themed wedding (replete with activities at a resort for guests in the week leading up) to the way they continuously enveloped strangers in their kindness (after a spontaneous sunset boat ride was offered by a sweet stranger named Bob, they diligently requested his presence at the reception) their wedding day was about much more than their marriage. It was a celebration focused on love, family, and friendship.

Isn’t that what weddings are supposed to be about, after all?