Tara + Blake: Party at the Lake House

Envision for a moment: you’re in the backyard of a gorgeous house on Lake Minnetonka surrounded by twinkle lights and a few hundred of your favorite people. The sun has set, the air is chilly, and the music starts. Everyone has a full belly and drink in their hand as the dance floor immediately fills with your aunts and uncles and best friends from college: all dancing together, running amok, posing for photos and starting conga line after conga line after conga line.

This is the biggest and best party you’ve ever thrown.

And then the police arrive.


Apparently the neighbors were disgruntled that they weren’t at your party (eeeeven though you gave them a heads up!) but after some smooth talking from your coordinator, the cops bless your festivities and go on their way.

Until they arrive.


20 minutes later.

(For the record, it’s only like 9:30 on a Saturday!)

Oy vey.

So, someone hooks up their iPhone to the house’s sound system and the party moves inside. Because that’s how you roll: marching ahead even when faced with a challenge. (Or a grumpy neighbor.)


I think Tara and Blake’s wedding day was a fair representation of what their marriage will look like: a party; the topic of envy to outsiders; beautiful to look at (after being impeccably planned and executed by the amazing Paloma of Rosetree Weddings); sprinkled with challenges; but also overflowing with laughter, family, and dancing.

I foresee much dancing in their marriage.