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But there’s no need to be a perfect copy or reflection of all the weddings that came before yours. This day is and should be about you, your best friend, and exactly how you two want to celebrate becoming a family.

Ya wanna throw a s’mores party at a Boy Scout camp? Let’s do it. Or borrow Grandma Ruth’s backyard for the cozy, intimate house party of your dreams with all the string lights? Done.

If you want to rent out a warehouse for the day and bring in a cotton candy machine and puppy photo booth and, idk, maybe a bubble machine or silent disco or taco bar (omg, dream. come. true!), I will give you a resounding YES.

You wanna just grab your internet-ordained best friend (fun fact: I, too, am internet-ordained! no idea how it would go to photograph and officiate but...just saying, it's kind of an option?) and find a quiet little spot next to a lake or your favorite bar to say some sweet words about your commitment? Let’s go! However big or small or explosive or intimate or serious or silly your party, I want to join you.

Welcome, congratulations, you did it!, YAY!, omg!, wedding! ....and all of those other proclamations and excited words you’re no doubt receiving right now. Okay but honestly, I won’t attempt to downplay this step you're taking because a wedding IS a big deal and I hope you’re as excited to be doing ~the thing~ as all of the blogs and movies and loved ones encourage you to be.

But you know what? It’s also normal to feel a little nervous and anxious right now, too, because there are a lot of things you have to plan for and pay for (!) and so many decisions and opinions to be made and considered. Who knew that throwing a kickass party with your favorite people could be so much work? And after the doozy that 2020 was, I want to make this as easy as possible for you.

There’s a lot of information out there, a lot of requirements and traditions that you’re told to follow, on this one day you’re throwing a lot of money into to celebrate this special thing you have with your person.


“And so, as I’ve been dreaming about that day and getting excited for photos, the ones I was most looking forward to seeing weren’t the ones of our first look or first kiss or first dance (though damn did you make us look good).

Instead, the photos I was hoping to see were the ones that documented the energy of the day and showed the spirit of the
people surrounding us. And Caitlin, I am overwhelmed by
this gift you have given us.

You have given us a chance to relive those priceless moments of smiles and hugs and holding hands and dance faces and donuts and so many inexplicable cans of Montucky. You have shown me all the joy that was surrounding us, the love that I could feel but couldn’t see in its entirety, because I only have two eyes and that energy was limitless. You have given us a way to make that day feel real—not now when everything is still fresh and sparkly
in memory—but for later, when the wheel of time rotates again and things get dark and hard.

You have made those memories unshakable and absolute. You have made it so that every photo of that day is imbued with a little happiness magic. You have made it so that even in the darkest night, there is a spark(ler) to help show me that happiness is Real.

Thank you, Caitlin, from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for having the eye to see a great photo and, more so, for having the heart to recognize a great moment. Thank you for working tirelessly on the requests for photos of groups of strangers. Thank you for ringing in 2020 with us. Thank you for being you. For being in my life. For being willing to make a friend from an internet stranger.”


Denver, Colorado

01: An Elopement

Includes 3 consecutive hours and intended for the most intimate of weddings, where you may or may not have up to ~10 guests in attendance. Let's shimmy to City Hall, wander along the beach, or just find a cool patio to do the damn thing.

Price for 3 hours:


includes: ceremony, portraits, Group photos, details, and polaroids.

02: A Mini Wedding

Includes 6 consecutive hours on the day which is perfect for micro weddings, casual backyard gatherings, or intimate celebrations in which only your nearest and dearest (up to 50ish guests) are in attendance. BONUS: includes a complimentary 1-hour engagement or portrait session.

Price for 6 hours:


enough time for: First Look, ceremony, portraits, family photos, polaroids, and complimentary engagement session.

03: A Full Wedding

My most popular package includes 8 consecutive hours on the wedding day and is intended for guest lists up to ~125. I can be around from the beginning while you're getting ready and follow you throughout the day to dinner and some dancing or however else you plan to celebrate. BONUS: Includes a complimentary 1-hour engagement or portrait session.

Price for 8 hours:


enough time for: Getting ready, First Look, ceremony, portraits, family photos, dinner, some dancing, polaroids, and engagement session.

04: The Fullest Wedding

For the couple who really cares about the dance party, you can choose 10 consecutive hours to cover it all. Intended for guest lists of 125+ and in order to document all of the details, dance moves, florals, and people that make up your day, I’ll bring one of my favorite second photographers to help out. BONUS: Includes a complimentary 1-hour engagement session and a second photographer on the wedding day.

Price for 10 hours:



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Starts at: $1,500

Starts at: $1,500

Starts at: $1,500

Starts at: $1,500